Course information system (cis / online.elmsln)

What is it

The Course information system is the controlling brain of ELMS:LN. It is the administrative space that courses are added to the books and which allows course networks to be formed. CIS allows members managing the production of courses to be on the same page about what's in the portfolio, who's being served by the courses as well as providing a space for standardized language and management of offerings of the material.

What it has


The course record

Offerings / sections

Offerings of a course help provide the logistics of deploying a course for groups of learners. An offering example would be "Fall 2018" while sections would be the grouping of students within that offering. In many cases there will be a 1-1 ratio between offerings and sections though the possibility exists to roll multiple sections within an offering. An example of this would be a course being taught to two different groups of students at the same time or two instructors who may need some help and other language crafted differently per person.


Programs make it easier to group and apply things to sets of courses, even if just visually.

Academic homes

This serves as a way of grouping course into departments


A reference to keep track of the services that can be built. CIS submits the job file for producing new course services so that's why this here.

Service instances

A relationship between the course and a service. This is so that we know the topology of the network

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